Find The Writing Routine For You


provides an inspiring environment
for academics & writers to focus on their work
in the South of Spain

Nurturing Nature

With San Jose’s ocean front and the mountains of Cabo de Gata Natural Park as your backyard, Splendid Torch provides the perfect environment for your writing retreat. See the sun rise from the sea each morning and walk out just a few minutes for a stroll on the beach or a hike in the mountains. Thanks to its hot climate, the region offers bright sunlight and warm weather all winter long.

Skillset Support


Receive expert editing and proofreading on your article manuscripts, grant proposals, … once a week, free of charge, included as part of your stay.


Splendid Torch offers monthly workshops on how to publish articles in peer reviewed journals, how to get your book proposal accepted,…


You’ll be able to present your work and get in person and online feedback of peers, to prepare for conferences, workshops, interviews,…

When Writing Works


Some people like to start before sunrise, others are night owls who work until the early hours. Some need music, or white noise, others quiet. Some want stability, others need a change of environment. At Splendid Torch, we help you discover and design the writing routine that will work best for you.


No matter the project in front of you, your biggest enemy will be resistance. Upon arrival, you will receive your own copy of Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’ – not to be confused with the other classic ‘The Art of War’. One of the main goals here at Splendid Torch will be to recognise, resist and, ultimately, beat resistance.


Part of succeeding in achieving your goals, is to chop them up in workable parts. Strategies such as setting most important first and start with smallest possible step are golden. Supported by the expertise of Caroline Webb, Nir Eyal, David Allen, and Jocelyn Glei, your stay at Splendid Torch will get things done.

Healthy Habits


Aside from swimming and hiking, Splendid Torch can offer you a bike, a stand up paddle board, a canoe, and a daily yoga practice. We follow online yoga instructors Brett Larkin and Adriene Mishler – either on the beach or on our ocean view terrace. The terrace is also great for rope skipping and other exercise. Feel free to share your expertise!

Mental Health

Academia is often a breeding ground for stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. At Splendid Torch, we learn by experience that it doesn’t have to be that way. Additionally we offer optional gratitude journals, monthly workshops on how to handle perfectionism, procrastination,… and how to foster self-compassion and safety.


Splendid Torch offers a 1 month long guided meditation course by Jeff Warren. In just 10 to 15 minutes a day you will learn the main techniques and benefits of meditation. The constant back and forth of the waves can be heard on each of the center’s three floors and offers a great homebase for mindful breathing exercises and peaceful relaxation.

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Guests Say

So nice to escape here! Especially during the pandemic. I’m getting more writing done in a few weeks than I did the entire past year. I so needed this.


Mayli’s great. She’s really helping me create a personal writing routine. I now recognise resistance from miles away and know how to navigate it to my advantage.